Goal Setting
for Non-Planners

This workshop is intended to help you establish some boundaries and guidelines to make this year work for you and your brain. 

My goal is to empower you to stop cramming yourself into someone else's rigid box and run your life and business in a way that truly works for you.

What's in it?

In this workshop, I cover...

  • How to set boundaries for your year 
  • What I do in place of detailed project plans that I never stuck to (and how you can adapt it to work for you) 
  • How to decide what to do and actually get it done without guilt and unhealthy procrastination 
  • How to cultivate systems that work for your brain and support your aspirations

What You'll Come Away With

  • A guide for prioritizing what's truly important to YOU 
  • A framework for deciding what projects fit with your priorities 
  • A system for completing those projects in a way that works for your brain

So let's recap...

  • You'll learn how to set goals that are personal and achievable (and why that's so important)

  • Why focusing on individual products is more effective than revenue goals

  • How to go past "planning" and actually finish things

  • Why you should rely on systems more than discipline and motivation

  • Everyday practices you can incorporate to put this method into practice in your own life

If you're ready to toss aside traditional goal-setting methods that never seem to actually work anyway, this workshop is for you!

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Through this guide, I’ll be introducing you to a variety of tools that you can include in your own personal toolkit. These tools will range from habits and methods you can apply ASAP, to systems and products you may choose to incorporate as they feel right.

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